Keynote Lectures

Film Festivals in Transition

Marijke de Valck

The film festival circuit is undergoing radical transformations. Globalization, digitization and commercialization have a far-reaching impact on festival dynamics worldwide: Power relations between film producing nations and festival nations are changing; new distribution platforms are gaining ground; and funding streams are drying up. In this presentation I will highlight some key areas in transition, and address how the relatively young field of film festival studies has scrutinized and framed an object in transition.

Marijke de Valck is Associate Professor and Program Director MA Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the Department of Media Studies University of Amsterdam. She is co-founder of the Film Festival Research Network (FFRN) and author of the ground-breaking monograph Film Festivals: From European Geopolitics to Global Cinephilia (Amsterdam UP 2007).


The New Queer Cinema: Back To The Future

B Ruby Rich

The enshrinement of the “new queer cinema” in the history books has coincided with the diminished presence of a compelling film movement in the current moment. From Looking to Concussion to Sticks and Stones, this is an inquiry into 2014 queer visions. Where are there signs of life in this universe? And are film festivals still the place to look? The proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, file-sharing sites and downloads of varying legalities now forces a question: is there a queer cinema in a world without “audiences,” where there are individual viewers instead of “publics.”

B. Ruby Rich is Professor of Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Editor of Film Quarterly. She has served on juries for film festivals in Sydney, Havana, Guadalajara, and Oberhausen as well as for both Sundance and Toronto. Rich is the author of Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement (Duke 1998) and New Queer Cinema: The Director’s Cut (Duke 2013).